A Projection Mapped Mini World

A Projection Mapped Mini World
February 1, 2014 Brett Jones

Projection Mapping + Architectural Scale Models = Awesome

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  • T LR

    Hello! I am looking into making a 1:1000 scale topographical model of a neighbourhood (topography and buildings) and using a projector to alternate different information (for example: road networks and identified areas).
    It’s a weird shape though (dimensions attached) so I imagine we will require at least two projectors? or could we still use one?
    Do you have any advise as to what to look out for and what kind of setup with be required? Or could you direct me towards relevant information? I had a look through your posts (which are great, thank you!) but couldn’t find what I need.
    Thank you and wishing you all the best!

    • Hi Taina,
      What are the units on the dimensions? With projection mapping you can display on any shaped object, so you should be able to use one projector, it is just a matter of using a projector that is bright enough.
      Will the model be in a room with lots of light (windows, skylights, overhead lights)?

      • T LR

        Hi thank you for such a swift reply! The dimensions are in mm! The room does not have skylights and windows can be obstructed, but there might be some overhead lights in the room (we can however place ourselves in the darkest corner of the room).

        • T LR

          How would you suggest hanging the projector? Any tips to obtain a good projection? 🙂