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Projection Mapping Central is a community resource to learn about, promote and experience projection mapping. The website is curated by a handful of people researching projection mapping as PhD students. The website was created because we are frequently contacted by artists, marketing agencies, basketball teams and other random entities looking for projection mapping (spatial augmented reality) consulting. Unfortunately, as PhD students don’t have the time to aid in artistic or commercial endeavors. We started by compiling a list of projection mapping design firms, which turned into Projection Mapping Central. We invite the community to help make this the main resource for projection mapping. Want to help? Questions? Comments? Email us at [email protected].

  • Jim

    for large screen projection mapping of images in an arena for example | what would the standards be for required image attributes DPI and or dimensions? It seems to me that since its digitally mapped – dimensions and DPI would not apply in the same way they do for print or online, but I don’t wish to assume that – any guidance or reference material on this is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Jim,
      No standards that I know of. Obviously more resolution is better, and the larger the projection surface the lower the PPI (pixels per inch). In an arena you have a huge variety of viewing distances, but if you knew the ideal viewing distance you could at least calculate the eye limiting resolution. http://www.red.com/learn/red-101/eyesight-4k-resolution-viewing
      Sorry there is no easy answer.

  • Rob Gagne

    To who it may concern,

    We are working on a mapping project and could use some stock fx’s.

    3d -2d whatever is out there that looks god and works well.

    Catalogue of go to fx’s.

    Were does one buy stock fx’s?

    Who should we contact.

    need information Rush.

    Look forward to your feedback.

  • Rob Gagne

    To who it may concern,

    We are working on a mapping project and could use some stock fx’s.

    3d -2d whatever is out there that looks god and works well.

    Catalogue of good to fx’s.

    Were does one buy stock fx’s?

    Who should we contact.

    need information Rush.

    Look forward to your feedback.

  • E.

    Hey guys. I have a question. I work for a real estate developer and we would like to incorporate some type of automated projection mapping onto our clubhouse building. It would be a ‘permanent’ installation, possibly something from an outdoor projector set to an automated program? As you can probably tell this is way outside my area of expertise but we really want to do this -just don’t know exactly how to go about it. Any guidance or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Fabiha

    Hey i am a student in MMU,Malaysia.
    A university collaborating with University of South California.
    We have and exhibition coming up and we would like to have you guys do a project mapping exhibit. 🙂
    It’s going to be big..we want it to be.

    • Hi Fabiha,
      We are actually a collective of contributing editors. Brett and his team are based in the USA west coast and I am in the East. From time to time outside contributors bless us with their articles, if you would still like to reach out feel free to email Brett: [email protected] or myself Cornelius: [email protected].

      Hope that helps.

  • Mishal


    I am a visual arts student, and I am really interested in this medium (projection mapping). I am trying to create my own class project for my grad year – are there any good softwares you guys recommend as a beginner? And how can I create my own visuals or something that has to do with a product. For example, the visuals on the egg for Harrods?

    I’d really appreciate your help

    Thank you

  • Yasser Obaid

    is it possible to make mapping projection from overseas?

    i mean if the team who will make the project in country and the project in different country ?(medium project)

    • Hi Yasser,
      Yes, frequently the design firm who creates the content, is not located in the same country as the final installation.

    • sure.

  • bootyeater69

    I don’t see anyone talking about a MIDI controller or something of that kind, laptop would do it?

  • Janel Martinez

    Does anyone know of any VPM workshops coming up in 2016?? Preferably in the US. Please let me know… I have googled it but all shops are closed out or have passed already. 🙁
    Thank you in advance.

  • Abdul Qadir Mohamed

    Hey guys,

    I need some guidance, I’m trying to do a projection mapping on wall that is made of aluminum sheets, now I know i could project on each sheet separately, but the problem (so far the main issue!) is how to do that on 1000+ sheets!! It’ll be very tedious and time consuming to do it manually,so my question is this, from the all the software and tools posted in this site(and honestly its a very comprehensive and useful list!) is there a way to plug in a custom script or function that will allow me to do what I want, like making a grid of defined cell sizes and projecting different images in each cell. I hope you guys understood what I’m trying to say. Thanks for hearing me out!!


    Your videos are cool but to someone like me, (in the medical field), I may as well be reading the Klignon translation manual. I own a haunted house attraction and want to have projection on the home during our haunts. Your videos are way to technical for me to follow. Are there any STEP by STEP instructions on a lay persons level available or do you know of a company that I could hire to do it for me?

    The Nickerson Snead Haunted Mansion.
    [email protected]

  • We have been getting calls from people who want to use our blocks to projection map on to. We make oversized plastic building blocks that are stackable and you can create walls, columns, boxes, shapes, and nearly anything. We’d love to get your thoughts on the best way to reach this amazing industry. We’d love to find a test case to provide our blocks to create something onto which something neat can be projection mapped. Any ideas? Our site is http://www.everblocksystems.com. Is there a trade show people go to with the latest technologies?

    • Hi There,
      Email us at [email protected], and we can chat and point you to some trade-shows.

    • An important note for projection mapping onto plastic surfaces would be for them to have a smooth grey matte finish. White reflects more light & color fidelity than grey. I’m also curious about your blocks.

      • Thanks for this info. Good to know! We make a light grey block that likely would work as its a semi-matt finish (more like a Satin). I have seen LED flooding of the blocks with great effect but would really like to see something projection mapped onto the surface to validate. Then the vision would be to create really cool geometric objects – as large or small as needed – to serve as a canvas for the work you do in this really neat industry.

  • Luke Waldrum

    Hey there, trying to find info on potential permits required in NJ. Anyone have any info about NJ permits for projection mapping? Or can point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  • Zedar TW

    And to Administrators: 🙂 query # 2: are your Events listing for N America only (I am in Victoria BC Canada) or international? How do I list international events for projection mapping to share ? Thanks.

    • Hi Zedar, We list international events as well. Email us the details at info AT projection-mapping.org!

  • Michael Wilson

    What is the best projector to use for PM under $1500?

    • Depends on what you need it for. Short Throw? Ultra-short throw? Standard throw, if so how many lumens? What resolution, etc.

    • Basicly, any PJ will work.

  • Dr Paul Smith

    Hello, my name is Paul and am a doctor working with elderly patients. Some of them have cognitive loss and they might benefit from a room that replicated their home environment. I appreciate this is a departure from your usual use of the technology but it might be a good fix for us too. Will you get in touch with me via my email. [email protected].

  • Nour Hamdan

    Hi, my name is Nour and I work at a confectionery factory office in Saudi Arabia, and we have a new opening in the capital city and we’re thinking of having a 3D mapping projection on buildings show in the opening day but we don’t have an idea about the cost and process so,can you give me an idea about the cost and the service? can get in touch with me via my email/ [email protected]

  • Dinkar Sharma

    Dear All, I am based in Dubai, working as AV Design Engineer and currently working on one design with similar kind of application what this is going to be a fixed installation for area to be covered with projection is hight (55)xwidth (12) meter and 55×7 meter. maximum throw distance is 12 meter this is a outdoor projection as fixed one
    can any one suggest me what kind of civil structure i can go with ???
    reply me
    [email protected]


  • Darryl Hall

    I am looking for someone proficient in design / implementation of projection mapping in Ottawa ON Canada or close to [ie] Montreal. Thank you. [email protected]

    • Tegan Scott

      Hi Darryl,
      I have just sent you an email,

      – Tegan

  • Karl Dawson

    Hi All,
    i have just recently been made redundant and looking to start up in 3D video Mapping and more if cost allows me.
    which is the best cheap projection to start with?

    i am looking to start of small with local organisations and businesses including doing projects for the elderly and youth clubs as well as the disabled.

    any help will be gratefully appreciated

  • Nikki Acosta

    Hi! I am looking to do projection mapping on a white cake for a building reveal. Wanted to see if you guys knew: 1.) A company who does this in the US and/ or b.) Know how much this typically costs.

    Thank you so much! [email protected]

  • Hilary Tsai

    Can I please get in contact with someone regarding consultation for a senior thesis project? I can pay an hourly rate or whatever you feel is appropriate to get questions answered. My email is [email protected].

  • Baila

    I’m in development on a theatrical Solo Show that has multi media elements. I’m looking to connect with people who are projection mapping/video mapping and spatial augmented reality for mt show. I’m in Los Angeles. Plan is to have World Premier at the Hollywood Fringe Festival June 2018

    • Clayton Carter

      I can help you with that. [email protected]

      • Baila

        Thanks for your reply. I sent you an email.

    • Alexandra Etienne

      If you’ve already found your answers with Clayton then that’s wonderful! The PMC/Lightform team is available for any questions you might have. We wish you success with your project!

      • Baila

        I’m interested in speaking with everyone. Just started looking for someone who is a Projection mapping artist/ tech. How do I contact you?

  • Mann Impex

    Am looking for mapping work in India as am wedding planner. Please mail me if any best and new one with cheap rates in India .
    [email protected]

  • TruroBID

    Hi, how much do you think you can charge for an advert using a Christie D13WU – 13’000 ANSI laser phosper projector. We operate in Truro, Cornwall, UK and we have a small population of 21’000 and at Christmas we swell to 20k to 30k visitors. I know it depends on the size of buildings and advert…… just not sure what to charge?

  • Kurt

    I’m trying to download the VPT program and am getting a message saying maxcrt.dll is not on my computer, although it is in the download file. Can anyone give me some help. Thanks.