Canon @ DSE2014 – New Short-Throw LCOS Installation Projector

Canon @ DSE2014 – New Short-Throw LCOS Installation Projector

We visited the Canon booth while at DSE 2014, and they had some nice, shiny, new projection technology for us. They were showing off a blended two projector set-up (shown above), using their new REALis WUX400ST projector.

This projector is great for professional installations (e.g. in a museum, art gallery etc.). It is a short-throw unit, so viewers can get up close and personal with your content without throwing shadows. It is LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) based, so it has a long (up to 4000 hour) lamp life. It has a massive mechanical lens shift, making it extremely flexible in mounting location. It can be mounted vertically, for a portrait aspect ratio.

Hopefully you have an installation sized budget as well, with the WUX400ST clocking in at $5499.00 retail and $4333.00 as the cheapest online price (right now).

Here is an example, using the WUX400ST projecting onto a mock store-front window. Notice the projector is mounted well above the window (due to the large mechanical lens shift).

Finally, it has built-in edge blending so you can achieve results like the featured image.

Brett Jones
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