Interactive Digital Signage Coolers with Transparent LCDs

Interactive Digital Signage Coolers with Transparent LCDs
June 28, 2014 Brett Jones

What happens when you put a transparent LCD panel in a beverage cooler? You get an awesome new way to sell tasty beverages…

The creative agency TKM9 teamed up with Coca-Cola Amatil, the leading manufacturer of tasty beverages in Australia and Asia, to create an interactive cooler.

The cooler features traditional LCD screens on the sides of a normal beverage cooler. The really cool bit, is that they have replaced the traditional glass door with a transparent LCD screen. These transparent LCD screens enable see through graphics, where brands can tell their digital story on top of their physical products. I’ve personally played with the transparent LCD panel made by Planar (LT3200), and I can tell you it is flippin’ magical.

The cooler has a touch screen, and is even capable of tracking the viewer position, enabling augmented reality experiences. e.g. the video shows, changing the hair of the viewer.

TKM9 also made a digital cooler for Jim Bean.

via: TechNet