Giant Interactive Caterpillar Invading Music Festivals

Giant Interactive Caterpillar Invading Music Festivals

This 37′ glowing caterpillar has been captivating the audiences of several popular music festivals around the country and gives a new meaning to “going down the rabbit hole.” The giant insect installation was created by Todd Moyer Designs, the same team that showcased laser yarn last year, and features some neat technology that allows it to be rotated by viewers. Most impressive is that the projected content adapts and reacts to the rotation in real time, driven by the orientation of the caterpillar. According to the project description, four projectors were used (about 100′ away), and from the video it appears that 3ds Max and TouchDesigner were used for modeling and mapping respectively.

The caterpillar also has an interesting Facebook page. Here’s another video showcasing a few more effects:

Video Thumbnail

EDC Caterpillar at EDC LV 2014 06-21-2014

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