Future of Energy

Future of Energy

This post is close to home, literally, in our backyard in Chicago. Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry in collaboration with Potion Design put on an awesome exhibition using interactive projection mapping to allow audiences to learn about the Future of Energy. Visitors form teams of five and engage with a magical experience in which energy is made visible through colorful and interactive visualizations. Interactive games are laid out over five exhibits, inspiring visitors to save as much energy as possible. You can try out more energy efficient bulbs, reorganize Chicago’s city center, rebuild a car and even link up new roads all to make Chicago a friendly energy saving city of the future! Check out the video to get a first hand look.









Rajinder Sodhi
I design, research and tinker with new sensing and display techniques (like projection mapping) to make our interactions with computers feel more natural! I've worked for Walt Disney Imagineering and Microsoft Research and made things along the way like Aireal and RoomAlive. Check em' out at rsodhi.com, @lumenra.