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INST-INT – Festival on the Art of Interactivity – Sept 25-27 in Minneapolis

INST-INT – Festival on the Art of Interactivity – Sept 25-27 in Minneapolis
August 23, 2014 Projection Mapping Central

Next month, Sept 25-27, INST-INT turns Minneapolis into a mecca of interactive art. There will be projection mapping, Kinects, installation art, and generally badassery!

The speakers list is STACKED.

INST-INT assembles an international roster of acclaimed creators to explore the intersection of art, technology and interaction. If you’re interested in installation art, interactive art, responsive environments, smart objects, and the art of creating engaging experiences don’t miss INST-INT. This is a special opportunity to learn from and connect with some of the most fascinating people in the field today.

Great ideas and technology create ever-new opportunities to bring projects to life everywhere and anywhere imaginable. Along with this opportunity comes the inevitable trials and challenges of physical and site specific work. One-off projects made for one-off locations can make you pull your hair out, and/or go broke in the process. The volume of variables, old and new, can be overwhelming: unpredictable environments, bleeding edge technology, custom fabrication, code, bugs, insects, greasy fingers, hackers,  crashers, crashes, caches, spoilers, laws, landlords, curators, committees, workers, shippers, solder, electricity, sunlight, moonlight, fluorescent light, reflections, bad ideas, egos, feasibility, durability, production planning, scope, scale, budgets, and on, and on.

What knowledge can be applied from previous experiences and what has to be learned on-the-fly, on a per project basis? Do you always have to start from square one?

INST-INT aims to arm you with insights and inspiration, and expand your ability to execute projects in this exciting, but complex, sometimes harrowing, and ever-shifting field.

To that end we’re bringing together an A-list of practitioners to share what they’ve learned along the way. They’re rockstars. To have the collective insight and experience all in one place will be a very unique moment. Don’t miss it.

The Format.
1 day of pre-event workshops, 2 days (and evenings) of artist talks, demos and panels. 300 attendees.INST-INT presents a single track of presentations peering into the many aspects of working in this field.  Expect lots of Q&A + discussion. We’ll also include opportunities for attendees to present their work & experiences. (Show & Tell.) And of course, we’ll host multiple opportunities to socialize.


Join us this INST-INT if you’re into:
– Installation & Interactive Art
– Experience Design
– Responsive Environments & Objects
– Interactive Exhibits/Environments/Displays
– Creative Coding/Sensors/DIY Making & Hacking
– Architecture & Technology
– Wearables

WHO’S BEHIND INST-INT?  – The same fine folks who bring you the Eyeo Festival each year. See what happened at INST-INT in 2013 on Vimeo.

IT’S BETTER WITH EVERYONE – INST-INT is dedicated to an inclusive, harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, or religion. We like it that way.

Want a taste of INST-INT? Browse their Vimeo feed from last year (including their Eyeo festival). Check out a talk last year @ Eyeo by our friend Eric Brockmeyer

Connect with INST-INT: Twitter | Facebook | Mailing List