Micropolis: Tiny City with Projected AR

Micropolis: Tiny City with Projected AR
March 29, 2018 alexetienne
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Davy and Kristin McGuire, the amazing husband and wife artist duo, recently revealed their largest projection mapping project to date, Micropolis”. 

In partnership with Hull UK City of Culture, the McGuire’s created a public projected AR installation of a bustling miniature city that glows brightly with night lights. Their exhibition of tiny people going about their normal lives is like a living doll house, except it might not be for children.

A spokesman for the exhibition said: The McGuires have created a new body of work inspired by the seedy, shady underworld of Film Noir, inhabited by gritty gangsters, femme fatales, exotic dancers and disillusioned detectives.

The exhibition took place inside Springhead Pumping Station in Hull, a port city in East Yorkshire.

The McGuire’s often tour the world with their exhibitions so we are hoping additional Micropolis” shows will be announced soon! 

A few months ago, when the specifics of the project’s debut were still top secret, they released the a teaser called Pocket Sized People. The short video featured tiny, dubious characters getting tanned on top of socks and mousepads and fighting over fish in a back alley.

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Pocket Sized People
This small world is now open for visitors!