Visualizing an MRI with a Kinect – Primary Intimacy of Being

Visualizing an MRI with a Kinect – Primary Intimacy of Being

“The work shows a 3-D image of the participants on a 65-inch screen. A Kinect captures the participants’ movements. A gender-determining algorithm chooses whether to project a masculine or feminine form on the screen. The participant can thus identify with the image projected on the screen, which reproduces her movements like a mirror.

When a participant comes sufficiently close to the projection, she discovers the interior of her body as if through a magnetic resonance image. The x-ray and nuclear imaging reveal the texture of her bones and muscles, her cerebral activity, the functioning of her organs.

The work invites us to explore our body in an unprecedented way. It creates a profound image, a peculiar and unexpected avatar of our identity. Fascinated, the participant discovers her internal organs with which she has always lived without ever seeing them. A new intimacy is established with the stranger that is our own body.”



Brett Jones
I research, design and prototype magical interactive experiences with projection mapping. I've worked for Walt Disney Imagineering and Microsoft Research and I've created things like IllumiRoom & RoomAlive. ( | @brettjonesr )