November 17, 2012 Brett Jones

openFrameworks is an open-source c++ toolkit designed to assist the creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation.

openFrameworks frequently forms the glue for many artists’ custom projection mapping software. e.g. the LPMT (Little Projection Mapping Tool) is built with openFrameworks.

“The toolkit is designed to work as a general purpose glue, and wraps together several commonly used libraries, including:

The code is written to be massively cross-compatible. Right now we support five operating systems (Windows, OSX, Linux, iOS, Android) and four IDEs (XCode, Code::Blocks, and Visual Studio and Eclipse). The API is designed to be minimal and easy to grasp.

Simply put, openFrameworks is a tool that makes it much easier to make things with code. We find it super useful, and we hope you do too.”