Projection Mapping Fog and Light Sculptures

Projection Mapping Fog and Light Sculptures
August 1, 2014 Rajinder Sodhi

Kimchi and Chips, just released a new installation, Light Barrier, that creates true volumetric projections. Rather than a single fog screen, a series of carefully arranged mirrors and smoke emitters enable 3D geometric shapes and ghostly light sculptures to come to life. While the shapes are only present for a few seconds, they help transport audiences to a magical world where light can manifest itself as living geometrical forms.

The installation is co-commissioned by FutureEverything and the British Council, and premiered at the New Media Night Festival in early June:

In their own words:

Kimchi and Chips create phantoms of light in the air, crossing millions of calibrated beams with their work Light Barrier, 2014. The light installation creates floating graphic objects which animate through space as they do through time.

A fascination with natural light drove the technique of the impressionist painters, they explored new qualities of colour and the trail of time. Kimchi and Chips’ study of digital light discusses a new visual mechanic, their installation adding to the visual language of space and light. As the artist’s inquiry deepens, brush strokes become descriptive like code, detailing reality and allying light with canvas.

Light Barrier was co-commissioned by FutureEverything and the British Council. It premiered at New Media Night Festival, Nikola-Lenivets 4–6 June 2014.

Truly magical!