Arkaos GrandVJ XT & MediaMaster Pro

arkaos grandvjxt mapping projectileobjects
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ArKaos MediaMaster Video Mapping a Bike

(Mac / PC) Arkaos boasts two powerful projection mapping softwares, Arkaos GrandVJ XT ($799) and the Arkaos MediaMasterPro ($2,379.00). GrandVJ XT adds expert features such as the Video Mapper extension, allowing projection mapping and advanced management of multiple displays to GrandVJ’s real-time video mixer software, allowing to compose up to 8 layers of Video on the fly.  MediaMaster Pro will turn any powerful computer into a full fledged media server capable of running live or programmed HD video shows in sync with music and light. It has been specifically developed for desk operators and lighting designers.
GrandVJ XT Tutorial:
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GrandVJ XT Video Mapper tutorial

GrandVJ XT can send layer or cells output to virtual “surfaces” in the VideoMapper extension. These surfaces can be scaled, deformed, and assigned to any physical output.One output can display a full screen visual or a composition of several mapped visuals, so you can easily create complex visual compositions on a set of LED screens – even with different resolutions – or just output to a video projector and deform the surfaces to flow them across any physical volume (like objects, or buildings..).


Media Master:

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ArKaos MediaMaster Presentation