The Reality Augmenter

The Reality Augmenter

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Reality Augmenter – Tutorials – Using grid chop areas

Powerful projection mapping software for iOS
Airplay and Google Cast™ enabled
Dropbox support to download videos and images directly from Dropbox
Use camera roll for video, image and slide show texture sources, no additional tools required
Texture cropping for spanning textures across multiple surfaces
Scrolling text source with font control
Use any source texture as a mask
Precise quad geometry editor with pan and zoom
Projection and User Interface decoupled so app acts as remote control to projector

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The Reality Augmenter is a flexible video and projection mapping tool for iOS. It allows you to projection map text, webpages or photos and videos from your camera roll straight on your iPhone or iPad. Easy to use and configure, it can be setup in minutes, with eye catching results. Mapping is simple and precise with the geometry editor.

The Reality Augmenter can connect to a projector a variety of ways, either wirelessly through Airplay or Google Cast enabled devices, such as an Apple TV or a Chromecast, or you can connect directly with an adapter.

Videos or Photos from your iPhone or iPad camera roll can be combined and with text and webpages and projected on to multiple surfaces, with facilities for masks and overlays. The software handles multiple configurations that be saved and restored, with videos and photos stored with each configuration. A built in screensaver is included for long periods of use.