Roy Anthony, vice-president of Ventuz talked to us about his tool and this is what he had to say:

Ventuz combines the worlds of logic, animation, compositing and design in a real-time 3D environment. Complete freedom of creativity paired with data connectivity, state-logic animation, and instant implementation of interactivity allows for content that is truly unique.

With a brand new state-of-the-art render engine and our exclusive shader permutation technology, Ventuz 5 is capable of creating advanced Photorealistic Materials and Effects in real-time. Techniques that were only possible in the VFX world, like Image Based Lighting (IBL) and HDRI Processing and Incidence Lighting, among others, are now at your disposal in a real-time environment.

Ventuz features a Streamlined User Interface, with custom layouts and industry standard tools, primitives, free-flight cameras, integrated gradient editor, Global Animation Timeline, which will ease users’ transition from other applications, allowing them to create advanced animations in the way they are used to. If you are an existing Motion Graphics artist using AE or Cinema4D standalone, then you are in luck because Live Link with Maxon Cinema 4D allows a live import and immediately updates any changes made in C4D scenes inside Ventuz, even across a network of clustered machines. In projection Mapping it’s always about 3D. 3D surfaces, to map to, 3D Cameras to simulate audience perspective and projector positions, so why not embrace the future and go FULLY 3D with real-time interactive presentations for more complex projection mapping experiences which are easier to build and edit, leveraging a fully 3D workflow.

Use a different 3D DCC pipeline? No problem! Ventuz Geometry Importer now supports plenty of file formats like Collada, FBX, OBJ, 3DS, etc. Furthermore, 3D models are nothing special without visual bling, a brand new and streamlined workflow with Allegorithmic Substance products allows easy import of Texture Sets created from the myriad of available Substances with just one click.

In addition to 3D tools, Ventuz features SVG import Photoshop PSD Import. THis innovative solution allows teams a quick and easy workflow to prototype and generate 2D content in Adobe Photoshop and push Layers data maintaining, Opacity and Blending Modes into the Layer-based Compositing environment of Ventuz. Including familiar DCC tool paradigms like Blending Modes, advanced Real-time Image Post Processing Effects, Opacity controls and Masking, will make new and existing users right at home from the very beginning, allowing them to be more productive from day one.

To create bespoke and high-end interactive experiences in Ventuz Designer, no coding skills are required. If, however, special scripts are needed for certain functionalities, it is an easy task to implement them into the Ventuz project using .NET. Similarly, Ventuz supports HLSL 3D shaders for effects such as realistic 3D glass, shadowing, and many more. Besides a wide range of presets, custom shaders can be written as well.

Ventuz has put a lot of effort into streamlining workflows and easing the learning curve in Ventuz with current releases, for newcomers and existing users alike. But what made Ventuz so great has not been forgotten, so all the visual, node-based programming and interactivity, all the easy and extensive external data connections, all the non-linear animation tools and templates, all this is still there for users to discover and amaze us with their projects.

You can download Ventuz here