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We’re at AWE 2015 – Augmented World Expo in Silicon Valley

We’re at AWE 2015 – Augmented World Expo in Silicon Valley
June 8, 2015 Projection Mapping Central
awe 2015

The Augmented World Expo just started today in Silicon Valley. This event has quickly transformed to be one of the top AR events in the United States. It is focused on business/professional applications as opposed to a more academic affair like IEEE ISMAR or IEEE VR.

“AWE 2015 features over 200 companies leading the charge in augmented and virtual reality, wearable tech and the internet of things. Join over 3,000 tech professionals to engage in over 20+ workshops, 200+ interactive demos, a VR experience powered by UploadVR and 100+ AWE-inspiring talks from industry leaders and pioneers. AWE is focused on turning ordinary experiences into the extraordinary and empowering people to be better at anything they do in work and life.”

In case you are wondering why a projection mapping blog is talking about an Augmented Reality conference… Projection Mapping is part of a larger family of cool new technologies looking to fuse our physical world with new digital experiences. This umbrella is called Augmented Reality or “AR” for short, and includes mobile AR, head mounted display AR, and projection mapping. Projection mapping is simply Augmented Reality using a video projector as the display device. In fact, Projection Mapping used to be called “Spatial Augmented Reality”.

Three of the editors of PMC (Brett, Raj and Pulkit) are at AWE. So if you are there, send us an email. Otherwise, stayed tuned for some demos and talks from our brothers and sisters in Augmented Reality.