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Weekly Roundup Mar 13 2017

Weekly Roundup Mar 13 2017
March 13, 2017 Brett Jones

We’ve got new projection mapping tools, a projection mapping award, and some awesome examples of projecting onto cakes, cars, stages, and boots. Get inspired, then go make something awesome.


The RoomAlive Toolkit from Microsoft Research now has Unity game engine support. You can setup any number of projectors and Kinects, track users, render view dependent content and make crazy interactive augmented reality games. Kudos to Andy Wilson, Hrvoje Benko and Eyal Ofek for releasing this to the projection mapping community.

United Projection is launching a Visual Artist Awards dedicated recognizing pioneers and leaders in the field of projection mapping, motion graphics, and augmented reality. Submissions for the “Vizzys” will start on May 1, 2017. The winners will be announced at a ceremony at The Temple House in November, 2017. Winners will get a “Vizzie”, a handcrafted solid bronze, chromium plated and polished statue. Fancy.

Luma Bakery’s talks with Girl Gets Wed about their projection mapping wedding cakes.

The Genius Loci Weimar Festival which takes place August 11-13 in Weimar Germany is now accepting applications for its projection mapping competition. This is one of the largest mapping festivals, and if you submit 30 seconds of content you may have your work projected onto some seriously cool architecture. (submissions due April 9th).

Craig Winslow continues his tour of Light Capsules, projection mapping vintage signs on buildings as part of a Adobe creative residency. A traveling series of projection mapping light installations reanimate historical ghost signage, engaging communities in the beauty that surrounds them, hidden in plain sight. Each wall is photographed, stitched in Photoshop, vectorized in Illustrator, animated in After Effects, and then projection mapped back onto the original wall with MadMapper. He’s up to 18 locations so far. Props.

BBC has a cool video about projection mapping. Too bad there is a UK firewall 🙁

CultureHub in NY is hosting a projection mapping workshop March 18-19 using MadMapper/MiniMAD.


VYV delivered impressive 66 projector showcase for Singapore National Day (6 mo ago). Their Photon system is capable of autocalibration and interactive tracking. Sooo many pixels.

Spencer Harvey mapped a remote control car using mirrors to cover more of the car.

Projection Artworks won an AV News Award for their UGG retail installation.

Algorithm’s showreel has a bunch of wicked awesome projection mapping for music videos, events and more.

Go2 Productions projection mapped a mountain for the new Audi Q7 TV commercial. Because the scene was so large, Go2 had to film it with special cameras with an ISO of 450,000. That’s got to be some expensive equipment. 🙂



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