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Roundup – May 30 2017

Roundup – May 30 2017
May 30, 2017 alexetienne

Our Top Picks

Makeup Lamps

A team at Disney Research has created “Makeup Lamps” the first system for dynamic augmentation of human faces using projection mapping. This project makes it possible to alter the appearance of human faces during live performances. In their own words: “The key challenge of live augmentation is latency — an image is generated according to a specific pose, but is displayed on a different facial configuration by the time it is projected. Therefore, our system aims at reducing latency during every step of the process, from capture, through processing, to projection.” They used infrared illumination for this process, “an optically and computationally aligned high-speed camera that detects facial orientation as well as expression.” Imagine the possibilities…the Future is here! Read more about it on the Disney Research blog

Worlds Unleashed and Then Connecting – SAGAYA

teamLab has created a fantastic interactive digital installation. It elevates dining at SAGAYA restaurant in Japan, to a multi-sensory experience which “unleashes the world contained within the dish.” They were asked to design a special room “Tsukihana” (which means “something that is appreciated or favoured”) We think they’ve surpassed expectations. Their magical world is delicious!

Pandora Tree of Life Celebration

Coming to us via the amazing and entertaining Youtube channel of Attractions Magazine: We are in awe of this Tree of Life Awakenings celebration at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. “This special version had a new soundtrack, storyline, and included hundreds of drones flying in the night sky.” We are loving the innovation of this fairylike projection mapping show! Attractions Magazine had previously inspired another wow-moment when they shared the Expecto Patronum night-show video, with Dementors attacking Hogwarts at Universal Studios Japan!

We are enthralled with their content. We suggest you subscribe and keep up with their adventures. You won’t regret it!

IMAGINE: A Child’s Dream

Laservision has set a new Guinness World Record for “World’s Largest Permanent Projection Mapping” with IMAGINE, an incredible mega-media large-scale spectacular in Dubai.  The InterContinental Hotel of Dubai Festival City is transformed into a 4,857 square meter canvas for video mapping. The show has also set the “World’s Largest Water Screen” Guinness record! It doesn’t stop at projection, it also “combines high-definition video, water-screens, dynamic fountains, lasers, surround-sound, intelligent lighting, and powerful flame effects.” We love it so much, we wrote a whole blogpost about it!

Bosch By Night – VR Version

Mr. Beam Studio created a virtual reality experience of projection mapping to celebrate the 500 years existence of the work by painter Jheronimus Bosch. They were “honoured to make his legacy come to life. Using his home and workspace in Den Bosch (NL) as a canvas, Bosch By Night is a tribute to the internationally known ‘Garden Of Earthly Delights’; an extraordinary vision on heaven and hell.” You can also go behind the scenes of this artful project and check out the making of video.

Unnatural Borders

Quays Culture builds inspiring digital, interactive art at MediaCityUK. Their project “Unnatural Borders” gathers large sculptures of beautiful endangered species of land and sea. Their purpose is to raise awareness, and remind us of our responsibility to the natural diversity of our planet.  Between May 20-29 the statues were illuminated daily with stunning visual projections….“to bring a magical show of light and illusion, throwing reality into question and making the familiar seem extraordinary.

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Immersive Domes

Mesmerizing Vegetal Mapping Dome by Michel Chevalier

French artist Michel Chevalier is well known for his breathtaking projections. Light becomes art through his skill. He unveiled his latest creation, a sumptuous “vegetal dome”, in the domain of Chaumont-Sur-Loire. The installation is called IN-OUT/ Artificial Paradises and it submerges visitors into the lushness of nature.

The dome is described as “a half elliptical architecture made out of wood covered by holographic films sheens under the sun, like a giant 12m/39ft of diameter beetle. According to the light the architecture embraces all the colors of the light spectrum and attracts visitors. The public is welcomed into the geodesic dome where they discover, a second 8m/26.24ft diameter dome, with a digital garden projected in 360°.” 

Psychedelic Antarctic Dome at Coachella by Obscura Digital

Obscura Digital created their geodesic dome masterpiece for Coachella Festival. The Antarctic Dome experience is like no other, mind-blowing and highly accomplished. You can enjoy the 360° video of “Chrysalis”, an eight-minute psychedelic journey following the different stages of caterpillar to butterfly.

In this detailed post by CreatorsProject/Vice, Creative Director Joshua Pipic says that “the power of the dome is that it’s not just a VR headset—it’s giant and powerful and really takes up your complete field of vision. People overuse the word ‘immersive,’ but it’s the most immersive thing I’ve ever worked on.”

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Awesome Projects From Around The World

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies – Canada

From WaltDisney Studios Canada, “ghost sailors take over ship in Toronto Harbour.” Lake Ontario is the setting for an amazing promo of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film “Dead Men Tell No Lies”. The night is illuminated with video projection onto the sails of the ship. Quick…hide the rum 😉

3D Goldfish Hologram – Japan

VJ qv displayed a wonderful scene of goldfish with 3D hologram mapping. They look like they’re actually swimming inside the cup! 

Mapping Festival – Geneva Switzerland

From the 11 to the 28 of May, Mapping_Digital Shifts held conferences, exhibitions and workshops focused on projection mapping, visual audio + deviant electronics. We are so happy that events like these exist around the world, where sharing and learning can endure! You can check out their Facebook page for more info and interesting media.

LUX Light Festival – Wellington New Zealand

The best one yet! LUX Light Festival in NZ  took place between 12-21 May. This beautiful event turns the city “into a captivating celebration of light, art, technology and design”. Be sure to visit their Facebook page for more great shots!

Christie Transforms Chinese Theatre – Hollywood USA

Christie has designed a new enhanced experience for the TLC Chinese Theatre to capture Hollywood audiences. Read more about it here. Not so long ago, they had also worked on some very cool video mapping projection on Tattoos, by Oskar & Gaspar:

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Interesting Info

Visual Artists Awards – Contest

Organisers of the Visual Artists Awards are calling visual artists worldwide to enter the contest and submit their best projects. The 2017 Digital Edition will honour excellence in the fields of projection mapping, motion graphics and augmented reality. More info here.

Make an Affordable Interactive Videomapped Installation – Blogpost

Lumo Interactive is a company with soul. They have a great blog where they share all kinds of useful content about simple interactive display solutions. One of their latest posts is on how to “make an affordable interactive videomapped installation”, and they mention different software and devices, including Lightform!


Thanks for reading this far guys! I promise to post more frequent roundups so I can keep them shorter.

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