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Summer Roundup

Summer Roundup
August 7, 2017 alexetienne


Game of Thrones Projected Onto Walt Disney Concert Hall

HBO Game Of Throne Party, Los Angeles, CA

Bart Kresa projection studio mapped Walt Disney Concert Hall for Game of Thrones Premiere. WorldStage supported the jaw-dropping event by providing Panasonic laser projectors and video engineering know-how.

HBO Game Of Throne Party, Los Angeles, CA

The gala premiere included a brief concert with soundtrack music from the show. After this, the guests got to watch the first episode of the latest season! 

Behaviour Morphe Preview

This fantastic AR light-show was created for Schlosslichtspiele 2017 Festival in Germany. It is the result of a collaboration between ZKM Studio and Zaha Hadid Architects. We can’t wait to see it!

Ocean Odyssey

Falcon’s Creative Group is helping National Geographic design the future of marine attractions. According to this post from Orlando weekly, photo real animation, projection mapping, real-time tracking, and “mega” projection screens will all be used…”

Circle Of Light is Back

The incredible “Circle of Light” International Festival is coming back to Moscow from September 23-27 “The beloved capital will once again take on the appearance of the amazing City of light! Prepare for unexpected transformations, pleasant surprises and amazing meetings that await you at all venues of the Festival. And let this autumn be bright!”

Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Musical

The team at WorldStage has definitely been busy. They will provide video support for the new Broadway musical “Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. In their own words: “Video displays supplied by WorldStage are key elements throughout the show. An LED wall in Act 1 helps tell the story of the Golden Ticket Winners, while extensive projection mapping onto moving set pieces is a fixture of Acts 1 and 2. In addition, the BlackTrax movement tracking system is the behind-the-curtain star during a very whimsical oompa loompa scene.”

The World’s Biggest Projection Mapping Competition

Epson Projectors and Dataton present the Latin American Mapping Challenge, an event where mapping artists can showcase their art on eight iconic buildings in Latin America. In their own words: ““We’re delighted to be able to promote architectural mapping as an art form in this way, while giving designers a chance to develop and hone their technical skills. The chosen projection-mapping venues are in Mexico City, Santiago (Chile), Guayaquil (Ecuador), San Jose (Costa Rica), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Cartagena (Colombia), Cusco (Peru) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Illuminate the Night & Emerging Voices for Nuit Blanche

The artist lineup for Canada’s ‘Nuit Blanche’ event has been announced. The show will be held Saturday, September 30th in downtown Winnipeg. You can learn more about the various projects on display here.

World Tour: Festivals & Projects


Artoria Pendragon from the popular Fate Series in Japanese manga wields her holy sword Excalibur! Summoning the King of Knights she shines beautifully with projection mapping.


“The multimedia event Light Ragaz uses cutting-edge technology to project 3D effects onto the structures and formations of the rocks of the Tamina Gorge in Switzerland.” It was developed by Projektil.


Re-imagining Claude Debussy’s classical music piece ‘The Sunken Cathedral’ through projections. A beautiful narrative created  by Louis Gauger.

Stunning light displays in the UK for the Battle of Passchendaele centenary commemorations. Narrated by actress Helen Mirren!  One of our favourite artists, Rupert Newman collaborated with Projection Artworks to create this giant interactive cube “Metamorphosis” for Broadgate’s “Life Meets Tech” campaign.

Edinburgh International Festival is packed with entertainment, light-shows, dance, music, theatre. It started on Aug. 4 and it will go on until Aug. 28. The opening event ‘Bloom’ was an epic outdoor spectacle created by 59 productions.


The projections onto the Parish of Santiago Apostol in Mexico were one of the most reassembling and colourful events this summer!


Official “GO” music video from artist A-Lin plus the informative making of behind the scenes video to see how it’s done!

Awesome electronic music video directed by artist Chang Funju with impressive mapping and lighting performances.


New show “Chroma” monumental experience by Spectre Lab playing until Sep 17 in the Cathedral of Amiens France.


Creative project by Synthetic Lives displayed at the New York City Transit Museum. Artists were asked to create work around the theme of public transit in NYC. For this piece, Cody chose to build a city skyline with a few trains, with mapped content on it that shows what incredible sites one can see via the NYC subway!


Gertrude Festival happened in July and it was 10 fabulous days full with color, light-art and music all around Melbourne. 


Amazing project in Spain, perfect summer destination! Light-art to the fullest with this show in Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, celebrating its Centenary! Produced & directed by Otucinema

Sublimotion: “The greatest gastronomic show in the world” and also the most expensive restaurant. Located in Ibiza it features projection mapping, AR/VR, laser tech and Michelin-starred food! Where are you going for holidays this year? 

Did we miss something awesome that happened this summer? Don’t hesitate to send your ideas our way. We’ll feature them next time! Email us: [email protected].
Keep creating!