PMC was a community resource for projection mapping (video mapping). Information on this website is out of date, as the editors are now at .

Weekly Roundup Mar 07 2017

Weekly Roundup Mar 07 2017
March 7, 2017 Brett Jones

It’s time for your delayed weekly dose of projection mapping. Get inspired, then go make something awesome.


Behind the scenes of projection mapping a Mercedes-Benz GT C by Bravo Media.

Watch a magical projection mapping stage get constructed by Zebbler Studios.

Contend Immersive’s showreel showing off some great mapping.

A Dandypunk plays with puppets and projection mapped characters at Sundance New Frontier.

The Infinity Wall is a badass installation made for a royal wedding in Qatar.

Initi built an interactive projection playground, where you can throw balls at virtual characters.


Learn how to use RaspberryPi for projection mapping using ofxPiMapper in Germany (March 25th).

The Showlight expo in Italy, May 20-23, announced its speaker lineup.

At ISE, Projecta showed off a sweet ambient light rejection screen.


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Now go make something awesome.