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Weekly Roundup Mar 21 2017

Weekly Roundup Mar 21 2017
March 21, 2017 Brett Jones
We’ve got new projectors, events, interviews and lots of pretty pitctures in this week’s projection mapping roundup. Get inspired, then go make something awesome.


Why video is getting a bigger part in theatre talks about the many ways of incorporating video and projection mapping into live performance.

Hitachi introduces a 3,500 lumen LED projector with 20,000 hour lifetime. Projector Central reviewed it, saying “quite simply, the Hitachi LP-WU3500’s combination of image quality, quiet operation, brightness, reliability, and setup flexibility adds up to a solid value and an impressive choice.”

Mondo interviewed James Murray of Projection Artworks, and there was this gem of a quote:
“With projection-mapped installations moving out of the temporary and into the permanent, lighting designers, building owners and architects will soon be able to create the illusion of continually changing structures and surfaces. The creative possibilities are electrifyingly endless and you don’t even need a large scale ‘canvas’ to pull it off…this technology can be used to create magic in smaller spaces too. From restaurant table tops to corporate reception areas, no space is too big or too small to benefit from the sheer amazement that goes hand-in-hand with permanent projection-mapped installations.”

Audiovisual — VJ Workshop VJing & Video Mapping, Berlin, April 13-15


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Volkswagen Tiguan mapping made with Cinema4d, Resolume, MadMapper, Octane Render, and After Effects

Projection on Singapore’s iconic Merlion statue by Danny Rose using 3 Panasonic PT-RZ31K 30K lumen laser projectors.

Awesome BTS footage of Vivid Sidney by Intel and the Technical Direction Company.

Cirque Garuda presented some mesmerizing particle and procedural effects for the Signal festival. (skip to 1:00 in)

Studio Glowarp showcases the future of museums with projection mapping. They created intricate overlays of virtual information onto sculptural frieze artifacts.


Pro tip: power through every video in this post at 3x speed with the Video Speed Controller chrome extension. (Use at your own risk, and no I didn’t get paid to say this)

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p.s. Next week I’ll share some details about what we are up to at Lightform. 🙂