A Real and Virtual Actor Interact In A 3D Projection Mapping Experience

A Real and Virtual Actor Interact In A 3D Projection Mapping Experience

Paintscaping have brought us a real and virtual actor, interacting in a 3D projection mapping experience.  A live character, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne de Bienville, a Frenchman who founded New Orleans and went on to conquer Pensacola, FL communicates with a virtual character, Don Tristan de Luna y Arrellano, the first Spaniard to settle in Pensacola in 1559.  de Bienville is played by Philippe Bergeron, CEO of PaintScaping and actor while de Luna y Arrellano is played by Jean-Louis Darville, a French actor living in Los Angeles.

real and virtual 1

The audience witnesses a dynamic exchange between the two characters as Jean shoots at Don Tristan who flees.  The real character emerges from the audience as he shouts to the Spaniard and eventually walks through a door of the building, truly merging the real and virtual worlds.  Chunks from the building crumble off as shots fly and a billowing French flag appears on the building at the end.

real and virtual 2

This Paintscaping projection mapping bridges the real and virtual worlds with ease, creating an engaging historical experience.  Plus, check out their latest reel!

Mallory Casperson
Rocket scientist, turned entrepreneur and accidental projection mapping expert. When not writing about projection mapping or at NASA working on high temperature metal fatigue, you can find her own nonprofit social enterprise at LacunaLoft.org.