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Projected Holograms using an Interactive Volumetric Fog Display

Planet Triage Leverages Projection Mapping to Raise Awareness of Climate Change

Planet Triage is an immersive, projection mapping installation created by Cody Healey-Conelly at the Wageningen University artist in residency program in conjunction with its 100th year anniversary celebration. Using computer-generated

Culturespace Creates Huge Immersive Projection Experience in Paris

L’Atelier des Lumières, created by Culturespaces, is the first Digital Art Center in Paris for immersive exhibitions. The 16,000-square-foot venue, a 19th century disused foundry, received a complete make-over to

How BARTKRESA Studio Turned a Space Shuttle into King Tut’s Tomb

King Tut met 21st century design and technology at the California Science Center. Projection Designer Bart Kresa mapped the space shuttle Endeavor with images of King Tut’s spectacular golden sarcophagus for

‘Infinity Room’ by Refik Anadol Leverages Epson Laser Projection Tech to Create Immersive Experience

The “Infinity Room” exhibit is an immersive environment project created by award-winning media artist and designer Refik Anadol. It allows visitors to step into an otherworldly portal where they are

Graffiti and Projection Mapping at the Ibiza Light Festival

GRAFFMAPPING is a research project on new creative languages through graffiti and projection mapping. This mural was designed by the Canarian graffiti artist Suglas, and it is a collaboration between

Augmenting the Porta Potty Reality at Burning Man 2018 with Jared Ficklin & The Other Singularity

The Other Singularity group is an experienced group of makers and artists that creates interactive works of art examining the line between humans and technology. They deploy experiences that provocatively

Awake: Electric Ink Painting + Projection Mapping

Sofia Aronov’s “Awake” is an interactive painting that combines paint, projected light, and capacitive sensors to create an engaging, “choose-your-own-adventure” viewing experience. Viewers are guided to follow their curiosity and

Projections in a Cave with Zedd & National Geographic

National Geographic teamed up with Grammy Award-winning DJ and producer ZEDD to create an original song inspired by the landmark show One Strange Rock, from executive producer Darren Aronofsky. Zedd

Projected AR Graffiti

WERC’s latest projection mapping project seeks to give ‘Augmented Reality Graffiti’ a place in the public space.  Projected augmented reality graffiti allows artists to add motion and variety to their
espresso a mano automated projection mapping installation pittsburgh pa dual projector coffeeshop art projectileobjects projectile objects

DIY: Automated projection mapping installation.

Projection mapping installations are cool. Here’s a DIY method for automating your own… The sun goes down, the lights come on, and voila, you can make anything happen. But not

Luminary (Expanded) Preview

This Saturday November 4th, the Midway in San Francisco’s Dogpatch district will host the 2nd edition of Future Fire’s Luminary event series. Luminary (Expanded) will feature a wide variety of