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Projected AR Graffiti

WERC’s latest projection mapping project seeks to give Augmented Reality Graffiti’ a place in the public space.  Projected augmented reality graffiti allows artists to add motion and variety to their graffiti, without making a permanent mark on people’s property.  WERC wanted to explore how to blend digital media and physical reality by using projected AR to merge their dynamic digital designs with traditional graffiti.

“A graffiti piece is static…a snapshot; AR is dynamic and changing.”

– JELLE VALK, WERC Member & Initiator of AR Graffiti’

WERC painted five different versions of the graffiti piece on top of each other and captured each version.  The layers were then projected back onto the simple black and white outline and enhanced with digital effects.

“Digitally, it is not necessary to choose one final image. It is possible to show the various design choices side by side, on top of each other, and at the same time.”


The artist collective WERC consists of Joachim Rümke, Olav Huizer, Joachim de Vries, and Jelle Valk. It is located in Groningen. Other projects made by WERC can be found at

Learn More about the AR Graffiti project here: