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Build a Smartphone Projector with a Shoebox

Build a Smartphone Projector with a Shoebox
October 15, 2015 Mallory Casperson

Behold!  Instructions for how to build your very own projector using a smartphone, a shoebox, and some office supplies.  This DIY is brought to you by, a fabulous website helping you do almost anything you can think of…from zombie makeup to cleaning a canoe to building a smartphone projector!

One of their contributors, Angelo, explains the projector project step-by-step.  It should also be noted that Angelo has a number of great videos that you can find here.  The smartphone projector is super simple and looks like a great DIY to do with kids.

smartphoneprojector_1 smartphoneprojector_3While you don’t need to understand optics in order to complete your own shoebox projector, it would be a great opportunity to explore a little with the projector enthusiast or kiddo in your life!  Plus, if you don’t have a kiddo in your life but still want to do this project, you have our full endorsement!