CastAR at GDC 2014

CastAR at GDC 2014

It’s been a few months since we heard anything from Technical Illusions, the company made up of former Valve employees Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson. They ran a highly successful Kickstarter campaign where projection based augmented reality meets wearable glasses. In summary, a retro-reflective sheet used along with small projectors embedded in wearable glasses allows users to get their own unique viewpoint of projection mapped environments. The Kickstarter campaign showed some really interesting and compelling use cases, so we’re excited to see continued development with their project. While castAR still seems like they are a long way from an end-consumer product, here are a few videos that show just how far they’ve come with their latest prototype at GDC 2014:

and at CES2014:

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CES 2014: First Hands on with CastAR HD Prototype

Awesome work guys!

Rajinder Sodhi
I design, research and tinker with new sensing and display techniques (like projection mapping) to make our interactions with computers feel more natural! I've worked for Walt Disney Imagineering and Microsoft Research and made things along the way like Aireal and RoomAlive. Check em' out at, @lumenra.