Festival Internacional Mapping Girona: 30 July to 02 August

FIMG 2015
Festival Internacional Mapping Girona: 30 July to 02 August

Interested in being a part of an international mapping festival?  In the city of Girona, the 2nd Internaional Mapping Festival (FIMG 2015) will be held from 30 July to 2 August.  For four days, the festival will showcase artists and professionals from around the world.  This year, the theme of the festival is contradictions.  “The objective is to encourage projects that explore many possible aspects of the theme, and to suggest a frame for artistic and cultural activity.”  The International Mapping Competition features a new category this year as well, micro-mapping.

We would be at the festival ourselves if not for our whole team’s move this summer from Illinois to Northern California.  The FIMG 2015 promises to bring together projection mapping enthusiasts from all over as huge projections are brought to life on the city of Girona’s most iconic buildings.

To learn more about the festival, visit their website.



Mallory Casperson
Rocket scientist, turned entrepreneur and accidental projection mapping expert. When not writing about projection mapping or at NASA working on high temperature metal fatigue, you can find her own nonprofit social enterprise at LacunaLoft.org.