PMC was a community resource for projection mapping (video mapping). Information on this website is out of date, as the editors are now at .

HeavyM – New Projection Mapping Software

HeavyM – New Projection Mapping Software
August 28, 2014 Brett Jones

We got a glimpse of some new projection mapping software out of France (where it seems half of all mapping software is made). It is/will be called HeavyM. We don’t know basically anything about it yet (waiting on a beta).


Despite our lack of info, But from the video it appears to work on the PC and OSX.

It has sound reactive FX.


It has basic quad based mapping. It is hard to tell in the video whether the square represent videos, or keyboard mixing inputs.


It also comes with stock FX, which are apparently customizing through sliders! OMG more sliders!


It seems like there is a new software tool a week, which makes sense given that there are ~10 new projection mapping installations a day (judging from my twitter feed).