Irma’s Save Me Music Video – The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Irma’s Save Me Music Video – The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Never heard of Irma before? Well we are pretty sure this is about to explode on the internet. Irma is a singer / songwriter from Cameroon, with a fantastically fun and magical new music video made by SuberBien.

Team SuperBien!

Instead of green screening the footage and then doing the effects in post, SuperBien opted to use 7 projectors to flood the stage with light. Apparently, it took 20-25 takes to get the timing right, but the result is fantastic.

“We worked closely with the directors Xavier Maingon & Marc-Antoine Hélard and Irma to create the graphic universe of the videoclip. First by creating the storyboards for each of the scenes such as the forest and city. Then we created a technical animatic in Cinema 4D with the camera movement simulation to anticipate the best point of view for each part. With this animatic we created the sequences and the transitions so it looks smooth and natural. We also used After Effects for some shots and effects, with all the final compositing done using After Effects. The actual shoot took one day and about 20-25 takes.” – Alex Mestrot, SuperBien via motionworks

We’ve seen the idea of using video projectors instead of green screens used before, and we will post more on this topic soon. 🙂

Brett Jones
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