Light Fall

Light Fall
January 15, 2015 Rajinder Sodhi

Designer Craig Winslow boasts an incredible body of projection mapping work, including Camp Light and IllumiFeet. We recently caught up with Craig to hear about his new project Light Fall. During his residency at the Champlain College, Craig was tasked with using the atrium of the IDX Building as a play space ready for projection mapping. The installation piece combines physical hanging Mylar strips with projected light from below. It’s centrally located position in the atrium provides an angelic ambiance that will be surely appreciated by daydreamers walking by.

In his own words:

Specifically designed for this unique space over the course of three weeks as the result of an Artist Residency for Champlain College.

Knowing this location is very bright, highly reflective mylar material was chosen to allow the volume to change and blend into the surrounding environment. The air circulation in the space caused naturally elegant movement & light refraction, a visual excitement which intensified as animated projections bring the sculpture to life at night.

Light Fall is comprised of 140 painted mylar strips, the longest of which measuring 14 feet, hung organized from a wooden frame in a 3-floor building atrium.

The piece is on display at Champlain College’s IDX Building through March 2015. So if you’re in the area, be sure to check it out!

Artist in Residence – Craig Winslow
Production Intern – Zack Sittler
Videography- John Hrindo