Miley Cyrus – A Technical Marvel of Twerking

Miley Cyrus – A Technical Marvel of Twerking

Miley Cyrus’ newest tour, BANGERZ, features some awesome (and technically jaw-dropping) projection mapping. The Canadian projection mapping experts @ VYV, projection mapped two 30 ft tall inflatables, a giant dog and a giant monkey (of course!). The inflatables are tracked in real-time, and the projection warps in real-time based on the deformation of the inflatable.

Check out the giant monkey head wiggling and giggling @ 1:23 in the video, with the projection perfectly matched to the inflatable like butter on bread.

VYV used some serious tech, 14 OptiTrack cameras and 6 HD projectors to twerk it out for Miley Cyrus. They placed custom make infrared (IR) emitters on the projection surface, which are tracked via 14 OptiTrack cameras. VYV usually uses the more expensive Prime series models that work at large distances, and range in price from $1999-$4999 each. A separate set of OptiTrack cameras are used to calibrate the projection system, each camera is mounted near a group of projectors to determine its location in 3D space by referencing IR emitters embedded in stage structures.

“Projector orientation that’s off by even 0.5° is a big deal at 150’, so we have no room for error. Not only does calibration need to be spot on for every show, but touring installations need to be reassembled for each stop, and quickly”  – VYV General Manager Eric Plante

VYV has their own media server solution, called Photon, that runs the whole gig, including motion tracking and projection mapping.

“At each new venue, 15 minutes of completely automatic calibration and precision validation is all that is needed for the 14 cameras and six HD projectors to perfectly cover the 210° of the giant figures while they are brought on and off the stage, inflating, deflating and moving in all directions, from subtle motion caused by the massive crowd cheering around, to motorized movement from the automation system.”

via: BusinessWire

Brett Jones
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    Wow. The sheer precision in tracking and projecting is amazing!