Omote Living Makeup with Projection Mapping

Omote Living Makeup with Projection Mapping
August 19, 2014 Rajinder Sodhi

Omote exploded on the web yesterday, showing off a real-time face tracking and projection mapping experience. If you haven’t seen it, hit the jump. The experience shows how light can be applied as makeup, transforming a model’s face to include futuristic and abstract visuals. The work is led by Nobumichi Asai and a team of digital designers, CGI experts and make-up artists.

While there are few technical details, infrared markers on the model’s face are probably used as correspondences to a real time tracked model of the face (e.g., one supplied by the Kinect SDK). Latency introduced by the projector and system also means that fast movements are a no no, which probably explains the slow subtle movements on the model. Truly mesmerizing!



  • Leow

    Sorry to be pedantic, but just wanted to point out that the project is actually called “Omote”, not “Omte”. Omote is a Japanese word meaning “exterior”, “surface” or “front”. But it also has a deeper meaning (as all the above words do in English), similar to “facade” — the public image one projects or tries to convey (as opposed to “ura”, which is the real truth behind the facade, the private reality behind a public image, etc.).
    On a different note, this video was amazing! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Thanks Leow! Typo on our part. Fixed!