Projecting 3D Objects in Mid-Air

Projecting 3D Objects in Mid-Air

A team of researchers in Japan of Burton Inc and led by Akira Asano created an amazing 3D aerial display, entitled the Aerial Burton, that enables laser focused text and images to be displayed in mid-air. The researchers use a 1kHz infrared pulse that is sent through a complex optical pathway that focuses and directs the laser to a single point in the air. The air molecules are broken down, allowing positive ions and electrons to be separated. This ionized air (also known as plasma) becomes much more conductive and emits photons when combined with current (in the form of laser energy). There are many fun applications, but Asano and team are focused on using the technology as a communication aid for disaster emergency scenarios (e.g., broadcasting the location of emergency supplies). I can hear my parents already, “Just make sure it doesn’t get in your eye!” Truly magical!



[Source: DigInfo]

Rajinder Sodhi
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