Projection Mapping Book (In Italian)

Projection Mapping Book (In Italian)
February 17, 2015 Brett Jones

Want to learn more about projection mapping (and you speak Italian)? Donato Maniello and Luigi Console are the co-founders of studio, a multimedia studio focusing on “New Technologies for the Arts,” and have written a book on projection mapping (video mapping), “Augmented Reality in public spaces. Techniques based video mapping.” Donato has a PhD in materials and design for architecture, and Luigi has masters in visual design.

For now the book is only in Italian, but we were promised a 2015 translation into English. You can find it on Amazon here. The following details are via Google Translate, so please forgive any translation errors.


Topics Covered:
• History of video mapping
• Choice of projector
• Masking layers in Illustrator
• After Effects® and video mapping
• 4D® Cinema, 3D scenes, Camera Calibration …
• Mounting audio-video
• Resolume Arena®, real-time content and warping
• The importance of architecture
• Methods of mapping
• Video mapping and bureaucracy


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Update: From gloWArp – expect an English version in April 2015!