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Projection Mapping Goes on the Road!

Projection Mapping Goes on the Road!
May 14, 2015 Rajinder Sodhi

Next month, we’re going to see two amazing projection mapping designers, Craig Winslow and Mike Akerman go on the road for a 15 day trek across the country filled with projection mapping fun! In their own words:

“As a way to share in this westward journey, for each of our 15 days on the road, we’ll create a site-specific projection mapping installation, filmed & edited with the surrounding environment’s 3D soundscape, and posted online within the same day they were produced.

Each projection along the way will reflect on our journey, carrying one part of an unfolding narrative which will reveal itself throughout trip.

The process of content creation will blend mediums between Craig’s projection mapping techniques and Mike’s illustrative talents.
At the end of the trip, the result of all 15 days will be edited together into a short film.”

Locations include Portland (ME), New Hampshire, Buffalo, Chicago, Omaha, the Badlands of South Dakota, Yellowstone, a few locations in Montana, Washington, and our grand conclusion in Portland (OR).

The goal of the project is to rapidly create compelling works, augmenting nature with digital light, while reflecting on themes surrounding adventure, discovery, and friendship. Each day that follows will build on the previous, into an overarching, constantly unfolding narrative, our way to document our path of westward exploration so many before us have made.

The boys need your help though. They need some sound equipment and various other parts and pieces to get their show on the road. They’ve made a Kickstarter page for you to learn more. Give em’ a hand if you can. We sure are! Can’t wait to see the magic!