Projection mapping keyboard – Try it at home

Projection mapping keyboard – Try it at home
November 7, 2016 Brett Jones

Turn your tabletop into a playground for your keyboard. Philippe Dubost made an open sourced web based projection mapped keyboard, that shoots letters from your keyboard. Just go to, drag the browser window over to your projector (you already pointed a projector at your desk right?), then play!


Build your own magical light installation in just a few clicks.f

This project originally debuted in 2012, as Magic Keyboard, which was built using vvvv and the Box2D physics engine, with support from Moment Factory.

Philippe recently decided to port the prototype to JavaScript, and made it work in your web browser.

Learn more about the story, or check out the source code on GitHub.



p.s. This may remind you of another projected keyboard which we covered back in 2015.