Projection @ SIGGRAPH 2014: HDR, Light Fields and more

Projection @ SIGGRAPH 2014: HDR, Light Fields and more
August 17, 2014 Kevin Karsch

As usual, SIGGRAPH 2014 showcased some of the latest and greatest technology in computer graphics, including some nice emerging technologies in projection and projection mapping.

One of the most visually impressive demos we came across was a prototype demonstration by MTT Innovation showcasing their “HDR” projector. Rather than blocking/filtering light to produce a projected image, MTT has developed lens technology that allows projected light to be redistributed producing extraordinary contrast and dynamic range. Currently the display is only using a green laser, but MTT says they are soon finishing a full color prototype.

[spb_single_image image=”1150″ image_size=”full” frame=”noframe” intro_animation=”none” full_width=”no” lightbox=”yes” link_target=”_self” caption=”Pic taken at MTT’s E-tech demo @ SIGGRAPH 2014. Top image is projected with MTT’s HDR projector; bottom shows an image from an ordinary projector. Both emit roughly the same amount of light; notice the stark difference in contast.” width=”1/1″ el_position=”first last”]

In MTT’s words:

“MTT’s approach is to redistribute the light to the areas of the screen that require the light – rather than just blocking and wasting it. By doing so, we make reach deeper black levels and much brighter details some 20 times above what traditional technologies can achieve, using same light source power. The resulting in-scene contrast is over 100,000:1. Our technology enables true High Dynamic Range (HDR) projection, with vivid life-like images.”

See more about this technology in the video below, and be sure to check out MTT’s company webpage.

Also on display were some neat light field projection systems from the MIT Media Lab. Their demo featured a made-from-scratch light field projector casting images onto an “angle expanding screen,” allowing for auto-stereoscopic viewing from a fixed viewing position:

Other interesting SIGGRAPH exhibits featured stereoscopic projection by Ambient Media and many interesting technical talks on display technology.