Sensebellum – Capitol Hill Block Party & FreakNight

Sensebellum – Capitol Hill Block Party & FreakNight
December 21, 2013 Kevin Karsch

In Sensebellum‘s latest project, Casey Scalf and his team transformed a block in Capitol Hill into an immersive, live urban theatre. Real-time video feeds of performers and concert-goes were mapped onto different buildings and floors, dictated by the beat and pacing of each song. 

We recently had a chance to talk with Casey about the Capitol Hill Block Party, and he said that peoples’ reactions to seeing their projections were incredible. If you get excited about seeing yourself on security camera footage, imagine seeing yourself on the side of a building! The projections were visible at least several blocks away.

We also chatted briefly about FreakNight, a Halloween festival in Seattle where Sensebellum supplied the visuals.

Larger-than-life bugs crawling on the walls are sure to enhance any event. If the animations look life-like, that’s because they are; Casey tells us that recordings of bugs were actually used to achieve these effects.

Read more about the block party here, and be sure to check out FreakNight and the other sense-sational mapping shows put on by Sensebellum. This time of year, Sensebellum is back in the lab coming up with new awesome visuals, but keep an eye out for them at the Summer Meltdown and the SOURCE art festival in 2014.