• Lightform


    Lightform is the first computer made for projection mapping / Projected Augmented Reality.

  • disguise


    disguise (formerly d3 technologies) is the maker of high-end stage design software and hardware systems.

  • MadMapper
    Madmapper Logo ProjectileObjects


    “MadMapper is an advanced tool for video and light mapping”

  • Resolume
    Resolume Logo b ProjectileObjects


    While Resolume Arena is known as an instrument for VJ’s, this powerful software also contains a powerful projection mapping backend.

  • HeavyM


    “The simplest video mapping software, with ready-to-use effects.”

  • Dataton Watchout

    Dataton Watchout

    Dataton Watchout has been around a long time. I remember using this at Disney Imagineering 8 years ago. It has…

  • Arkaos GrandVJ XT

    Arkaos GrandVJ XT

    GrandVJ XT is an “extended” version of GrandVJ 2 which adds expert features such as the Video Mapper extension, allowing projection mapping.

  • Millumin
    millumin logo projectileobjects


    Millumin is a rapidly growing tool for warping video. It offers non-linear video editing tools, has many tutorials and interfaces well…

  • TouchDesigner
    TouchDesigner Logo ProjectileObjects


    (MAC & PC) TouchDesigner  is a visual programming environment that is free for non-commercial use. CamSchnappr is an interactive mapping application built in…

  • vvvv
    vvvv logo projectileobjects


    (PC) vvvv is a hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development. It is designed to facilitate the handling…

  • Green Hippo

    Green Hippo

    Green hippo offers high end hardware / software solutions for live shows, most recently the 87th Academy Awards was run…

  • Avolites
    Avolites Logo ProjectileObjects


    Avolites’ award winning Ai video control products have been used for world class events from Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas,…

  • Optoma Projection Mapper
    optoma projection mapper projectileobjects dynamapper

    Optoma Projection Mapper

    Formerly Dynamapper; the Optoma Projection Mapper is a Android, iOS, and Amazon app that brings powerful projection mapping to almost…

  • Ventuz


    Roy Anthony, vice-president of Ventuz talked to us about his tool and this is what he had to say: Ventuz…

  • Modulo Pi

    Modulo Pi

    Modulo Player is a video media Server. Easy to learn and reliable. Modulo Player provides an intuitive and user friendly…

  • ofxPiMapper
    Rasberry Pi Projection Mapping


    Rasberry Pi Projection Mapping addon for openFrameworks. ofxPiMapper: This project is an attempt to create optimized version of an…

  • Vioso
    vioso logo projectileobjects


    Vioso offers a list of projector calibrating and mapping products & media servers.  Wings AV, Anyblend, Anystation, Blackbox, and Vioso’s…

  • VPT

    VPT VPT (VideoProjectionTool) is a free multipurpose realtime projection software tool for Mac and Windows created by HC Gilje. Among…



    ISADORA – THE CREATIVITY SERVER Isadora empowers video designers and interactive artists to create responsive media experiences. For interactive artists, it’s…

  • AV Stumpfl WINGS AV

    AV Stumpfl WINGS AV

    AV Stumpfl’s “Wings AV” is the name of a comprehensive product family of software and hardware products, that can be…

  • EDGE C by Light Instruments

    EDGE C by Light Instruments

    The EDGE C is a multi video server and is controlled locally with the EDGE C iPad App. Application…

  • Painting With Light

    Painting With Light

    Painting With Light is a complete video mapping tool that enables artists of any technical ability to paint with static and…

  • MXWendler
    MX_Wendler Logo Projectileobjects


    MXWendler is a professional FXServer and Stage Designer for video playback. Warp/keystone videos and buy the hardware to run it all…

  • Lumo Play

    Lumo Play

    Make any projector or digital display interactive Lumo Play allows you to easily create and manage a wide variety of…

  • Previz


    Previz enables you to plan and preview your content in a real-time 3D environment. Ideal for live…

  • Immersive Mapper PRO v1.0r1

    Immersive Mapper PRO v1.0r1

    Fly Elise-ng  proudly releases Immersive Mapper PRO v1.0r1 Immersive Mapper PRO focuses on easy mapping the content to any projection surfaces.…

  • FacadeSignage


    The user friendly multi-projector video mapping software for Shows and Retail. FaçadeSignage is a simple to use Digital Signage solution…

  • QLab


    QLab ® 4 combines powerful audio, video, and lighting control in one elegant package. It is provided by Figure 53…

  • The Reality Augmenter
    the Reality Augmenter

    The Reality Augmenter

    The Reality Augmenter Powerful projection mapping software for iOS Airplay and Google Cast™ enabled Dropbox support to download videos…

  • MapMap
    mapmap projection mapping software


    MapMap is a free software of projection mapping which is mainly aimed at artists and small teams. Its intuitive interface…

  • Smode


    Smode media server/software enables to assemble dozens of graphical elements easily into powerful real-time compositions made of image and video 2D…



    SPARCK is a cross-plattform media and virtual reality package for the creation of interactive spatial augmented reality installations. It also…

  • cebas


    Cebas Visual Technology is a company that makes software that while not geared towards projection mapping, can be used in…

  • Splash


    Splash is an open-source video-mapping software (for Linux and OSX), targeted at multi-projector installations such as fulldomes but which works…

  • Virtual Mapper Open Frameworks

    Virtual Mapper Open Frameworks

    Virtual Mapper is an open frameworks driven utility tool for making projection mapping. You can preview 3d projected image in…

  • Coolux
    coolux logo projectileobjects


    Coolux is the producer of the award winning Pandoras Box media and show control systems. Whether you are looking for…

  • LPMT


    LPMT, (Little Projection Mapping Tool), is based on the wonderful OpenFrameworks C++ toolkit for creative coding. OpenFrameworks is a c++ library designed…

  • Blendy Dome VJ
    Blendy Dome VJ logo projectileobjects

    Blendy Dome VJ

    “The future of easy dome mapping has arrived! With “Blendy Dome VJ” you can map any dome surface on site…

  • C++/Qt Projector-Camera Calibration

    C++/Qt Projector-Camera Calibration

    Code written for projector-camera calibration by Daniel Moreno and Gabriel Taubin (cross-platform binaries available, as well as source): Simple, Accurate, and Robust…

  • Procamcalib


    Projector-Camera Calibration Toolbox for Matlab This toolbox is an extension of the “Camera Calibration Toolbox” of Jean-Yves Bouguet. It permits…

  • BlendBuddy

    BlendBuddy BlendBuddy makes it easy for anyone to match colors across a variety of image sources: Projectionists doing complicated Multiple-Projector…

  • Visution Mapio
    mapio logo projectileobjects

    Visution Mapio

    Mapio 2 is the second generation of Visution’s mapping software.  They offer a Lite (150 EUR) and Pro version (300…

  • TorsionBlend


    TorsionBlend is a multi projector software for geometric correction (warping) and soft edge blending of full screen real-time applications. The software…

  • MWM – Multi Window Mapper
    MWM Logo ProjectileObjects

    MWM – Multi Window Mapper

    The unique 3D projection mapping tool purely GPU based to maximize performances. WYSIWYG real time render and edit engine. Advanced…

  • DynaMapper for iPad

    DynaMapper for iPad

    “There’s an app for that.” Apparently there is an app for everything, including projection mapping (video mapping/spatial augmented reality). (more…)

  • Mesh Warp Server
    meshwarpserver logo projectileobjects

    Mesh Warp Server

    MeshWarpServer is a versatile Mapping Tool to create complex Video Projection Installations. It uses MaxMsp/Jitter 5 as a Framework. It runs…

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