Star Wars Projection Mapping Mural

Star Wars Projection Mapping Mural
December 19, 2016 Brett Jones

Star Wars: Rouge One is already shaping up to a big start. Cromatics from Germany, created an animated projection mapping mural, combining a massive real world mural with 20,000 lumens of projected content. The goal was to design the static painted mural with subtle projected animation, such that drivers weren’t too distracted by the effects (but still noticed the magic).

Cromatics coined this concept of mural and projection mapping, Motion Mural, which is similar to work by Joanie LeMercier and Phil Reyneri. This idea has ties to academia, including Projectibles (an old grad school project of mine)

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Projectibles: Optimizing Surface Color For Projection

and the original work Super-imposing dynamic range by Oliver Bimber.

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Superimposing Dynamic Range

It’s really cool to see the idea in the wild, as a full-fledged Star Wars advertisement.

Thanx to XI-DesignStillinMotion, Professional Media Service und Thomas Schlorke.