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  • Casio’s New Geometric Correction Box (for digital signage) @ DSE2014

    By on February 20, 2014

    Casio announced a new product the “YA-S10¬†Geometric Correction Box“. It enables mesh based warping of video inputs, controlled via...

  • coolux

    coolux Pandora’s Box

    By on November 18, 2012

    Coolux¬†makes professional media servers (Pandora’s Box) with compositing/editing software.

  • vistaspyder

    Vista Spyder

    By on November 18, 2012

    Vista Systems makes a series of professional media servers.

  • greenhippo

    Green Hippo

    By on November 18, 2012

    Green Hippo makes a vareity of professional media servers. Used in everything from Broadway performances to major live concerts...

  • watchout

    Dataton Watchout

    By on November 17, 2012

    Dataton WatchOut media servers are a professional solution for a multi-display set-up. Has keystone and mesh-warping functionality.

  • mxwendler


    By on November 17, 2012

    MXWendler is a professional FXServer and Stage Designer for video playback. Warp/keystone videos and buy the hardware to run...