The Most Bad-ass Car Mapping You’ve Ever Seen

The Most Bad-ass Car Mapping You’ve Ever Seen

We’ve seen a lot of car mappings out on the internet. But the newest work from Chris Plant (Catweasel) and¬†Elliot Woods¬†knocks it out of the park. These guys have been active in the projection mapping (video mapping) community, since … there was a mapping community. They also like to share the wealth, Elliot woods is quite active in the vvvv and openFrameworks communities (check out his github).

Here is their description for the project:

In April 2012 myself and Elliot Woods were approached to create an application to project onto a car on a turntable, the brief expanded as the project went on, until by the end, it was to be a different car (of the same model) for every show, they wanted to be able to do multiple shows per day and the alignment was to be done by a member of the staff at the Landrover experience.

The building was finally opened in December 2012, the car takes approximately 10-15 minutes to lineup using 3 sliders and a rotatary control on an iPad, with a couple of buttons to spin the turntable around so you can check the setup. It is using 7 projection design projectors all running at 1920×1200, 3 for the back wall, 2 for the car and 2 for the floor, we also had to minimise any visible shadows, content was rendered at 4k and is all run off 1 pc.

Work In Progress Wireframe

Video Thumbnail

Wireframe test, for landrover experience, no blends, only 2 projectors

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