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What is BlendBuddy?

BlendBuddy makes it easy for anyone to match colors across a variety of image sources:

  • Projectionists doing complicated Multiple-Projector Stacks or Blends use BlendBuddy, making edge-feathered/converged images perfectly calibrated across the RGB/Gamma spectrum.
  • Video Engineers use BlendBuddy to match Cameras/other video sources, calibrating and troubleshooting different signals across a video system.
  • Lighting Operators can easily assess the evenness of their stage washes and compare the color white points from different light sources and Color Temperatures.
  • Camera Operators can use blend buddy to survey a venue a different times of day, helping with plan shots and maintain image consistency.
  • Technical Directors/Producers can approach difficult Multi-Media displays, helping match actual reflected light with backlight video sources communicating their intended looks using easily understood RGB/Luma values.