Cebas Visual Technology is a company that makes software that while not geared towards projection mapping, can be used in the creative workflow. They have three software packages that are worth a look.

See their descriptions below:

Let’s start with a video of Cebas’ products in use for projection mapping.

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Marc Auvigne Show Reel 2014-2015 – Videomapping FX (thinkingParticles 6)


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finalRender trueHybrid Powerful Features demo reel

finalRender is the new breed of light simulation software (Physically Based Spectral Wavelength Simulation) offering unique algorithms and approaches to light simulation,

not found in any other renderer for 3ds Max. trueHybrid, cebas trademark, gives you the power to create photo real images no matter if you are on a CPU, on a GPU or both at the same time. A major plus point is that finalRender comes with unlimited network rendering in one license, if you choose. The best way to see it, is that you are not doing time-consuming rendering controls, you are shooting real time with a ‘camera’ – because finalRender trueHybrid’s One-Button-Rule means that you play with the settings like you would a real camera – using the 3dsMax physical camera, just take the picture (image) and it renders for you. The artist can then focused on the scene setup, not the rendering.

finalRender Drop 1 (coming soon) will incorporate the OptiX new NVIDIA AI-Denoiser technology, fully integrated into finalRender. Early testing already shows promising speed gains by reducing the amount of render passes (samples) needed to get a clean image. Depending on the scene, we could see speedup factors ranging up to 10 times faster in some situations!


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finalToon 4.0 launched – top line style and rendering for Fine Art & Technical Illustration

With finalToon, your renderings will never look the same anymore, finalToon™ opens up a whole new world of illustration and cartoon rendering effects for 3ds max. 

Thanks to the unique features finalToon™ has to offer, we are pretty sure that you will be soon a part of the upcoming NPR (Non Photo Realistic Rendering) community of 3ds max users.


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thinkingParticles Drop 6 new features

thinkingParticles™ is one of cebas’ flagship plugins for 3DStudio Max. Known for its fully procedural and physically accurate, real world destruction and special effects simulations in the movie industry. While it is not a mapping software, it has been used for various mapping events and simulations around the world. Now with the advent of Subscription Drop 4, fully procedural fluid dynamics goes into amazing Viscoelastic effects with soft body simulations.

More examples of projection mapping with Cebas here.
For those learning projection mapping / video mapping, educational licenses are available at a discounted rate. Email Cedar Thokme at [email protected] for more info.