Dataton Watchout

Dataton Watchout has been around a long time. I remember using this at Disney Imagineering 8 years ago. It has support for meshs and projection mapping! WATCHOUT has a strong 17-year track record and was the first multi-display software on the market. WATCHOUT brings together still images, animations, graphics, video, 3D UV maps, sound, text and live feeds into a single impressive show across multiple display areas in any array: edge-blended, mapped, curved, or split.

WATCHOUT at a glance:

  • Fully scalable – use as many displays as you like
  • Mix LED, projectors, LCD panels
  • Supports up to six outputs and multiple resolutions per display server, depending on hardware capabilities
  • Runs on Ethernet network and non-proprietary hardware
  • Locked-down WATCHPAX players and WATCHMAX display servers available with built-in WATCHOUT license

Key projection-mapping features in WATCHOUT:

  • Smooth projection-mapping workflow
  • Virtual displays – ideal for mapping pixels on LED walls
  • Projector views
  • Marker-based calibration
  • Pre-visualization
  • Custom blending masks