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Green hippo offers high end hardware / software solutions for live shows, most recently the 87th Academy Awards was run with a single Hippotizer V4 Taiga media server.


Hippotizer V4


Green Hippo’s Hippotizer offers an award winning range of features such as UberPan, Cross-Fade on Layer, Presets and RegionMapper. Building on that success, Green Hippo is pleased to present Hippotizer Version 4. Thanks to a new hardware platform, V4 offers a distinct leap in performance with increased outputs that support resolutions to 4K and beyond.

Version 4 also bears the fruit of Green Hippo’s dedication to software development including FlexRes, built in 3D visualiser, SHAPE integration, all new output management and a re-designed user interface. Every V4 system features front panel indications of system status, as well as removable hard drives as part of the STRATA Caddy System. Inside, Hippotizer V4 includes all Solid State Drives as standard and the latest graphics technology to deliver unmatched performance.


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Projection mapping is becoming more demanding for its advocates, and the live event industry is awash with a multitude of exciting and challenging projects. However, we at Green Hippo believe that the biggest challenge is eliminating the divide between 3D content creators and the projection designers who deploy the 3D creations in the field. Allow us to introduce SHAPE.

SHAPE, from the makers of Hippotizer, unifies the 3D mapping workflow; from concept and pre-visualisation, to content creation and finally project realisation.

Built-in surface modelling, image analysis and support for all common UV mapping methods along with virtual projection makes SHAPE a game changing approach to mapping onto non-linear surfaces.

In realtime SHAPE can map incoming video (via HD-SDI or DVI input cards) to multiple projected outputs. This allows content creators to work with challenging projection projects live via plug-ins for their chosen 3D creation software.

Once content creation is complete, SHAPE offers powerful tools to deliver the project on-site.


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Whats New In Hippotizer V4

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05 HippoSchoolOnline – V4 – SHAPE Alignment & Post Process


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06 HippoSchoolOnline – V4 – SHAPE Vertex Nudging

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