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PocketVJ 3.0 is an all in one portable projection mapping and VJ tool, based off of the Rasberry Pi platform. Similar to the ofxPiMapper, but with more functionality.

Its a pocket sized media player which fits the needs of the modern multimedia artist.
As a video artist myself I know the needs when you are building an installation.

For example you can read out the resolution of the connected projector, which is great for pixel precise mappings. Other features like displaying a testscreen, play images, powerpoints, sync multiple players, manage files via wifi, do simple video mapping, TCPSypon client and much more…

The project is opensource and the sourcecode is provided on Github.

I sell fully build and tested units for CHF 349.–
If you only need the installed and configured software on a microSD card, I sell that as well without the hardware.
For quantity discount, drop me an email.

There is a roadmap to see whats coming up next:

The PocketVJ software is available on Github, the case for 3D printing is available on Thingiverse.
PocketVJ 1.0 full image for RPi2 is available here:

So far, it took me 3 years (countless hours of compiling and testing) to develop the PocketVJ.
Thanks for everybody supporting me and providing all the little pieces of opensource software to build this great tool.

The product page: pocketvj.com/


Video Mapping

Image Player

Screen Sharing

Presenter (Powerpoint)

Video-Projector control



Full HD and any other resolution

Auto loop 24/7

Scheduler (Timer)

Opensource Webinterface