Way Better than the Shakespeare You Read in High School

Way Better than the Shakespeare You Read in High School

No strangers to creative and awesome uses of projection mapping, Davy and Kristin McGuire have practically created a book of magic. Upon opening the cover of this seemingly-ordinary tome, a 3D scene appears, just like the pop-up children’s books you might remember as a kid. Then, the scene is flooded with projected light, creating an audio-visual experience unlike any book you’ve ever seen.


Behind the scenes, so to speak, is a battery-powered pico projector which rear-projects light off a small mirror and onto the pop-up set pieces. This clever design enables the book to be self-contained, portable, and doesn’t distract the viewer from the experience.


This work is part of a larger project called The Icebook, an entire book made up of projection mapping experiences. As usual, we can’t wait to see what Davy and Kristin have in store next!

davy-macbeth-4 davy-macbeth-5

Kevin Karsch
Kevin Karsch is a PhD student working in the intersection of computer graphics and computer vision. His research involves computational approaches to understanding images, and has interned at Microsoft Research and Adobe Research. More...