Z Vector – Now you can use a Kinect in your VJ set

Z Vector – Now you can use a Kinect in your VJ set
January 16, 2014 Brett Jones

Looking to add a Kinect to your next VJ set? Well Z Vector is a new software package that allows you to visualize the output of a depth sensor to use in your artistic endeavors. For instance, the music video above, “Scars” was shot in just over three hours with the very first version of Z Vector.

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Modern, real-time visualization

Z Vector is the world’s first professional visualization software based exclusively on modern depth sensors such as the Microsoft Kinect and the PrimeSense Carmine. It allows you to sample reality in real-time, visualize it the way you like and explore it in 3D with Full HD resolution. Create fresh material for your visual performances right there on the spot. Some great dancers in your crowd? Single them out from the background and make them part of your visual storyline. Assume control with our full MIDI/OSC support or mix Z Vector’s output with your existing set using Syphon (only on Mac OS X).

Record and tweak it on the go

Like a certain shape, form or texture? Record it with your depth camera and explore the seemingly endless visualization possibilities of three dimensional video. Warp your recorded material in a number of ways. Change and control camera angles after recording. Use and chain included GLSL shader effects or program your own with the integrated code editor. Synchronize your effects with sound. Exchange your recorded material and shaders with other users on the official forum. Share and sort profile settings by saving them as simple PNG’s in to the gallery.

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Short Feature List

  • GLSL shaders with integrated editor
  • integrated sound analysis and MIDI clocksynchronization for animation
  • sound analysis based animatable UI
  • fully scalable output resolution
  • real-time depth camera based 3D scanningand mixing
  • virtual camera and multiple person tracking modes
  • smooth transitions between profiles
  • MIDI/OSC control (with metadata and programmable macros)
  • multiple geometry and texture modes, particle effects
  • stereo rendering (side-by-side, anaglyphic,Oculus Rift)
  • record and playback of depth camera material (.ONI, available in later beta)
  • full Syphon support (in/out, Mac OS X only)
  • available for Windows 7+ / Mac OS X 10.7+
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Download the beta for Z Vector here: