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Box – Seamless Merging of Projection Mapping and Robotics

The internet has been drooling over the mind boggling video “Box” created by Bot & Dolly. Box combines projection mapping with extremely precise robotic movement. The end result can only be described as magic.

The tight sychronization between the projected content (on the planes) and the movement of the robots is due to the extremely accurate control of these robotic arms. You can actually see the lag between the projection and the plane during some fast moving shots. Even the camera that filmed the scene was on a robotic arm! The entire sequence was created by animating the robotic arms using Autodesk Maya.

The end result is a seamless merging of physical and digital into a beautiful augmented environment. The Bot & Dolly team is dead on:

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[blockquote2]”We believe this methodology has tremendous potential to radically transform theatrical presentations, and define new genres of expression.”[/blockquote2]

The Creator’s Project provides a behind the scenes look at “Box”

“This is a ground breaking piece. This is something that no-one in the world has ever done before. And we had done it with such care and such craft… This is a huge gift to the community to see what is possible, mixing design story telling and technology.”