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Conductive Ink + Projection Mapping = Magic Storytelling

As part of their presence at the inaugural Retail Design Expo, Dalziel and Pow created a space to stand out from the crowd, a conversation starter: experimental, innovative, playful, integrated, exploratory and, to many visitors, surprising.

The idea came from the work they created for Portuguese childrenswear brand Zippy, magnified as a prototype to test ideas and push the range of interactions and feedback. Screen-printed illustrations spring to life when touched, as conductive ink triggers a host of playful digital animations – a mix of informative and charming content, from product information to brand stories to chasing ducks.

Pushing the boundaries of storytelling within a space, making it fun and engaging, putting ideas before hardware. A total of 48 interactions and over 100 unique animations make up the broad spectrum of content on the stand, from simple sound toys to more complex exchanges that layer projection mapping and movement around a physical space.

All created in-house at Dalziel and Pow with multi-disciplinary teams along with Bare Conductive, K2Screen and Ototo for their help. Dalziel and Pow is a London-based agency with over 30 years’ experience in brand and retail design. Their passion is creating great customer experiences. They develop brand environments and communications across all key touch-points, translating inspired concepts into retail experiences that are unique and engaging for the consumer, effective and profitable for our clients.